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Updated: March 11, 2021

Monthly Invoice Charges Definitions

What is a Proration?

  • Proration occurs when service begins or ends during the middle of a billing cycle.
  • Services are pro-rated based on the activation date or disconnect date, meaning the charges are calculated on a cost per day.
  • Customers only pay for days that the service was active for the billing cycle.
    • The billing cycle for Apeiron is the first day of the month to the last day of the month.
What is a Monthly Recurring Charge?

  • Monthly Recurring Charge, or also known as “MRC”, is the monthly fixed charge for services that is not dependent on usage and billed in advance.
  • The pre-payment of the MRC is billed for the next month’s cycle.
  • If the service is disconnected, then a pro-rated credit of any unused days will be generated on the final invoice.
What is a Non-Recurring Charge?
  • A non-recurring charge, or also known as “NRC”, is a one-time charge such as an equipment purchase.
What is a Usage Overage Charge?
  • The account will be charged overage only if the allotted data amount has been exceeded.
  • Usage overage is only charged if applicable.