BackThatUp goes into action 24x7x365 BackThatUp ensures that your primary internet connection is alwauys ON

Backup Internet Access using LTE

  • Cellular LTE internet ensures you stay up 24x7x365.
  • Affordable & Easy to Install.
  • Starting at $9.99/mo.
Back THAT Up >

 ALWAYS ON  When your primary goes down.

About Our Service

We provide a reliable internet backup function that helps protect your business from costly disruptions.

Service Features

Choose Your LTE
  • • Verizon
  • • AT&T
  • • T-Mobile
Hardware Optional

BYOD or use hardware that we provide & manage


Single API to monitor and control any SIM we provide.

Static IP Address

Private Network and Static IP options available for advanced configurations.

Cloud Management

Optional network management and monitoring by us.

Notifications & Scheduling

Service notifications and scheduling available.

BackThatUp™ by Apeiron


For each SIM Ordered
$ 9 .99 /mo
Includes 1GB of data transfer
  • $15/per additional GB of data transfer
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Feature Pricing
4G LTE Router

$9.99 per month

Static IP

$4.99 per month

Cloud Management

$3.99 per month

How to Order

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Tell us how many SIMs you need

Step 2

Tell us what features you want to enable

Step 3

Receive shipment ready to be integrated

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How To Install

Step 1 Enable LTE Hardware.

a) Using Our Hardware

Connect the router we send to your network using the supplied ethernet cable.

b) Using Your Own Hardware

Insert the SIM card we send and configure your equipment to use the APN specified.

Step 2 Enable Failover Routing & Test.

Configure your network to use the SIM card's internet connection if your primary access is down. Make sure you test the failover initially and then periodically thereafter.

Step 3 Monitor & Manage.

Once your device is connected to the Internet, log into the dashboardUser Dashboard to monitor and maintain your service.

We want you to BackThatUp™ effectively, whatever THAT may be. We will do our best to provide support for your network environment to help you get connected, tested and monitored so that you can sleep easy once again.

For more information on installing and configuring our services please visit Support.